The compact, walkable, and vibrant area includes restaurants, boutiques, service providers, entertainment venues, day-to-day conveniences, residents, workers, and more. Here’s a peek at what’s happening.

Double-Digit Sales Growth within Downtown District

Long-term anchors and new businesses have benefited from double-digit growth in combined restaurant and retail revenue for several years in a row. Growth is expected to continue with 3 new hotels plus 30 new businesses opening or announced in 2019. See full report here.

Downtown Housing on the Rise

Knoxville|Knox County Planning released the Downtown Knoxville Housing Market Technical Report, detailing residential growth. Find it here.

Retail Business is Strong

Downtown Knoxville is compact and walkable with unique buildings and architecture. Retail growth has been strong in the core of downtown with restaurants, boutiques, service providers, and entertainment venues. Take a look at what’s happening.

Doing Business and Recruiting Employees

Downtown Knoxville is a great place to work. Employees enjoy a walkable urban environment with day-to-day conveniences just steps from their offices. Take a look at what businesses are saying.