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Plan Your Fall, Y'all

Every day of the week, the heart of Knoxville is alive with sounds of laughter, the buzz of shoppers, and delicious food that tempts the tastebuds. Come find it all, and maybe a few surprises too!


Regardless of taste or budget, find what you're looking for at one of our many local restaurants! You won't be disappointed.

Beer, Spirits + Nightlife

Downtown has all the fun – cocktail bars, rooftops, breweries, taprooms, live music venues, late-night bowling, and more.


Shopping for gifts or treating yourself, there’s a variety of locally-owned stores offering products you're going to love.


Discover options you didn’t know existed. You can also view live parking availability at the top of this page.


Boutique to luxury to classic, 10 hotels in the heart of the city are ready to be your home away from home.   


Ready to commit? Whether you choose to rent or own, find your home among downtown’s historic beauty and innovative spirit.