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Appalachian histo

wntown Knoxville celen Dew's history at the Museum of East Tennessee History, now through January 20, 2020. Learn all about its Appalachian history, plus explore vi

wntown Knoxville celebrates the Knoxville birth of Mountain Dew!

Did you know that the famous soft drink was created right here in our beloved city? Knoxville bottlers and brothers Barney and Ally Hartman concocted the lemon-lime soda to use as a mixer with moonshine. So come celebrate the history of Mountain Dew at the biggest whompin' museum exhibition in Mountain Dew's history at the Museum of East Tennessee History, now through January 20, 2020. Learn all about its Appalachian history, plus explore vi

French Market Creperie

The French Market is delivering some shark-themed menu items for all ages! Take a bite into their "Turf-No-Surf" roast beef, cheddar, and mushroom crepe. For the sweet side, enjoy a tropical-French fusion treat, "Tropical Ocean Piña Colada" crepe, all while sipping Sparkling Ocean Water Blue Wine or a Purple People Eater Gin Fizz Cocktail. And the kids imagination can soar with an Ocean Water French Soda! 

412 Clinch Ave (865) 540-4372 More Details >
Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

Take the plunge with the “Shark Bait” float at the Phoenix Pharmacy & Fountain. This yummy treat includes watermelon sorbet, Mountain Meadows blackberry ice cream, and vanilla soda, topped with a chocolate wafer fin. Plus, other Shark Week specials!

418 S Gay St (865) 692-1603 More Details >
Drawing Room at The Tennessean

There’s nothing like a little Blood in the Water to incite a frenzy! Stop by The Tennessean Personal Luxury Hotel’s Drawing Room to enjoy a fin-tastic Shark Week cocktail made with vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, a sandy sugar rim and a touch of blue luster dust and cranberry caviar topped with an orange peel fin.

531 Henley St (865) 232-1800 More Details >
Knoxville Chocolate Co

Get your sweet fix for Shark Week! Stop in Knoxville Chocolate Company for specialty shark-shaped gummies and delicious chocolate shark pops made in house!

29 Market Square (865) 394-6349 More Details >
Maple Hall Bowling Lanes

Get your heart racing with Maple Hall’s shark attack-themed cocktail! The “Captain Quint” cocktail pays homage to the ill-fated Jaws hero. This drink is bound to get your heart rate up.

414 S Gay St (865) 249-8454 More Details >
Casual Pint

Love sharks and the ocean? Sharkify your beer at Casual Pint Downtown! For a $1 donation, you can chum your beer with red food coloring and help preserve the oceans with Oceana. You’ll find special summer and shark-themed beers all week long.

421 Union Ave (865) 951-2160 More Details >
Social Dove

Don’t fear the “Great White!” It may sound scary, but this coconut martini is sure to transport you to paradise. Along with this special cocktail, they’ll also have a Champagne Bubbly Blue Refresher called “Mermaid Mimosa.” There will also be food specials on the patio. So gear up for Shark Week on the patio July 24th-27th.

100 N Central St (865) 999-5251 More Details >

Show some team support (and support the oceans) by shopping at Tailgate on July 24th at Shark Week Family Fin Fest! For each shark-themed shirt $1 will go to support Oceana’s conservation efforts. So...go Team Sharks and go Vols!

23 Market Square (865) 540-9995 More Details >
Not Watson's Kitchen + Bar

Shark Attack! Swim on in to Not Watson's during Shark Week for a "Shark Attack" Martini, including Absolut Citron and blue a little grenadine to make it shark-worthy!

15 Market Square (865) 766-4848 More Details >
Scruffy City Hall

Order up the “LifeSaver” at Scruffy City Hall! This featured cocktail includes 360 vanilla-flavored vodka mixed with fresh mint and topped with Sprite. It’s finished off with a lifesaver mint settled around the straw. If ever in danger, we’ll take a couple of those!

32 Market Square (865) 524-2224 More Details >
Knoxville Soap Candles & Gifts

Embrace self-care during Shark Week by relaxing just as if you were oceanside. Knoxville Soap, Candles & Gifts will offer sea salt soap and select candles for 10% off, so that you can enjoy the best of the ocean at home.

714 S Gay St (865) 689-6545 More Details >
Pour Taproom

Shark Week will be streaming all week long on Pour Taproom’s TV’s, and they’ll be celebrating with a “Sharkbite” cocktail and several shark-themed beers on tap. On July 24th, five cents of every ounce of shark- themed beverage sold will be donated to Oceana’s preservation efforts.

207 W Jackson Ave (865) 337-5726 More Details >

Does your mouth water at the thought of a sea salt sweet treat? Kilwins offers sea salt chocolates all summer-long, as well as their specialty "Under-the-Sea" themed treats during Shark Week!

408 S Gay St (865) 219-1233 More Details >
Preservation Pub

Take a “bite” into the Shark Bite Cocktail at Preservation Pub, which includes two types of Meyers Rum, light and spiced, with fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, blue Curaçao, and a hint of grenadine. It’s like the tropics in a glass! Don’t forget to ask about their shark-themed shots too!

28 Market Square (865) 524-2224 More Details >

Include your furry friends too! Citifid-O is Shark Week-ready with crackling, popping, even singing shark toys for the shark-loving dogs in your family. You’ll also find adorable fish, octopus, and seafaring wool cat toys too. Mention Shark Week and get 10% off storewide from 5 pm to close on July 24th. No other discounts apply.

429 Union Ave (865) 219-5127 More Details >
Awaken Coffee

Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha! Awaken Coffee is channeling their inner-Finding Nemo with a "Shark Bait Latte." $1 per coffee will be donated to Oceana. 

125 W Jackson Ave (865) 951-0427 More Details >
Cruze Farm Ice Cream

The Jaws Cone is a shark-themed treat you’re going to want to sink your teeth into! We don't have etails of the delicious treat, but we know humans and sharks alike will enjoy the taste of this one.

445 S Gay St (865) 333-1265 More Details >
Nothing Too Fancy

Nothing Too Fancy has Shark Week t-shirts custom-designed just for Knoxville! You’ll find sizes for kids and adults in-store and online.

435 Union Ave (865) 951-2916 More Details >
Hyatt Place Rooftop and Lobby Bar

Stop in at Hyatt Place and enjoy the “Dorsal Gin” on the Rooftop or in the Lobby Bar. Featuring Aviation gin, Campari, citrus spice simple, fresh lemon, and a shark garnish! You can also enjoy knowing that donating $1 will be donated to Oceana’s preservation efforts for each cocktail!

530 S Gay St (865) 544-9977 More Details >
Lost Tavern

What’s a shark’s favorite cocktail? A Bloody Mary!! The Lost Tavern will serve up some tasty Bloody Marys – a specialty for Shark Week. And you'll find a "Swimming with the Fishes" cocktail of champagne and coconut.

20 Market Square More Details >
Earth to Old City

Show your shark spirit during Shark Week by wearing “The Great White Shark” Socks from Earth to Old City. Receive 20% off on kick-off day, July 24th! While you're visiting, check out other cool shark and ocean-themed items.

22 Market Square (865) 522-8270 More Details >
Merchants of Beer

Merchants of Beer is celebrating Shark Week in Downtown Knoxville with their Tiburón Margarita. Muy delicioso!

137 S Central St (865) 247-5503 More Details >
Mast General Store

Feeling Sharky? Stop by Mast General Store for shark and ocean-themed clothing, toys, candy and more for Shark Week. Arrive early to Market Square for Discovery's Shark Week Family Fin Fest on July 24th to grab free popcorn before the show (available on Market Square from Mast Store while supplies last).

402 S Gay St (865) 546-1336 More Details >
Old City Wine Bar

Enjoy “The Shark Tank” all week long at Old City Wine Bar. A creative cocktail with a Swedish fish garnish! It’s a refreshing dip into flavorful waters!

108 W Jackson Ave (865) 851-7676 More Details >
Union Ave Books

Want to read up on sharks and other ocean creatures? Check out Union Ave Books collection of ocean-themed books. Plus 10% of sales from the collection will go towards Oceana during Shark Week!

517 Union Ave (865) 951-2180 More Details >
Tommy Trent's

Say Shark Shots three times fast. Shark shots, shark shots, shark shots! It beats us, but try them yourself at Tommy Trents! They’ll also have a tropical shark bite cocktail.

36 Market Square (865) 312-5692 More Details >
Space Head

Space Head will be matching your donations to Oceana. So drop by and drop some change...or more....into the donation jar at the counter.

24 Market Square (865) 415-2984 More Details >
Knoxville Visitors Center

Visit Knoxville Visitors Center is excited to see all the “little biters” during Shark Week…so swim on in for fin-tastic coloring and activities in the Kid's Corner and shark-bite sized discounts in the gift shop. Plus, everyone will leave with a fishy treat!

301 S Gay St (865) 523-7263 More Details >
Eddie's Health Shoppe

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and protected during Shark Week! Eddies Health Shoppe will have specialty priced HydroJugs and 15% off Reef Safe Olita Sunscreen.

455 Union Ave (865) 633-6533 More Details >

Order up a fancy shark-themed cocktail at Sapphire! They’ll have a beautiful cocktail special during Shark Week that will be a sip of paradise leaving you wanting more!

428 S Gay St (865) 951-2066 More Details >
Myrtle's Chicken + Beer

Myrtle’s Chicken + Beer is getting in the Shark Week spirit with a special “Blood in the Water” cocktail that no shark could resist.

13 Market Square (865) 246-2270 More Details >