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DEW IT in Downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville celebrates the Knoxville birth of Mountain Dew!

Did you know that the famous soft drink was created right here in our beloved city? Knoxville bottlers and brothers Barney and Ally Hartman concocted the lemon-lime soda to use as a mixer with moonshine. So come celebrate the history of Mountain Dew at the biggest whompin' museum exhibition in Mountain Dew's history at the Museum of East Tennessee History, now through January 20, 2020. Learn all about its Appalachian history, plus explore vintage bottles, original advertisement, and more Dew fun for the whole family. 

You didn't think we'd celebrate Mountain Dew's history without a drink did you? Downtown businesses are in on the fun! 

From Mountain Dew cocktails and matchas to sundaes, floats, and shakes, you'll find Mountain Dew treats all over Downtown Knoxville. See a selection of treats and merch below! 

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Hyatt Place Rooftop & Lobby Bar

Say yes to the “Yes can DEW” at Hyatt Place’s rooftop bar. It’s a Mountain Dew-inspired cocktail with Avua Cachaça, Post Modern Arancia Amaro, three citrus blend, sugar, and garnished with a lime and cherry.

530 S Gay St (865) 544-9977 More Details >
Bistro at the Bijou

Try the “Mountain Mule” at the Bistro. A take on the popular “Moscow Mule,” this drink features vodka, cucumber, lime, fresh mint, and in place of ginger beer, Mountain Dew. Some say it’s better than the original!

807 S Gay St (865) 544-0537 More Details >
French Market Creperie

Order the “Rocky Top Dew” crepe, a sweet treat with chocolate chips, marshmallows, walnuts, and sorghum syrup drizzle while sipping on the “Mountain Dew Extreme Orange,” a cocktail with vodka, Mountain Dew, and a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice or a more traditional "Mountain Dew Rocky Top" with bourbon and Mountain Dew!

412 Clinch Ave (865) 540-4372 More Details >
Knoxville Soap Candle & Gifts

When you light up a Mountain Dew-scented candle, it’s just like you popped a can of the popular drink. You can literally smell the bubbles, as if the candle was carbonated itself!

714 S Gay St (865) 689-6545 More Details >
Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

From sundaes and ice cream sandwiches to sodas, floats, and shakes, indulge in one of 10 sweet Mountain Dew creations at the fountain! Order up the “Mountain Apple Cobbler” with a Status Dough donut, apples, Mountain Dew, and cardamom ice cream, or the “Rightside Up Cake” featuring a Mountain Dew pineapple upside down cake with a “Code Red” glaze! For a bite-sized treat, try the “Pocket Watch,” a Mountain Dew Macaron with ice cream. The choices are endless!

418 S Gay St (865) 692-1603 More Details >
Lost Tavern

Bringing you a take on the bright colored Mountain Dew “Code Red,” The Lost Tavern will feature a cocktail with Cherry Vodka, Mountain Dew, and a dash of Cherry Juice. Bring on the "Code Red!"

18 Market Square (865) 521-0600 More Details >
Awaken Coffee

A simply creative concoction, the “Iced Matcha Dew” contains matcha green tea powder mixed with Mountain Dew. A truly refreshing cold drink!

125 W Jackson Ave (865) 951-0427 More Details >
Drawing Room at The Tennessean

Sip on the “Tullamore Dew” at the Drawing Room overlooking the Sunsphere. This cocktail has a Mountain Dew reduction, whiskey, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, rhubarb bitters, and topped with club soda. Served with a lemon and lime twist garnish!

531 Henley St (865) 232-1800 More Details >
Boyd's Jig & Reel

Welcome to the “Old City, New Dew!” This refreshing cocktail mixes house-reduced Mountain Dew syrup, Sugarlands unaged rye whiskey, lemonade, and peach bitters.

101 S Central St (865) 247-7066 More Details >