About the Alliance

Ensuring a vibrant, flourishing downtown is the primary mission of the Downtown Knoxville Alliance. Formed in 1993 as a Central Business Improvement District (CBID), the district encompasses a .67 square mile area. Property owners within the designated area pay a special assessment that is used to make improvements, enhance services and promote downtown. Regardless of the initiative, our focus is clear – create the best experience possible to attract and retain a thriving community of residents, businesses, and visitors in Downtown Knoxville.


Membership is limited to individuals, businesses and organizations who own property within the central business district. Bylaws can be viewed here. 


The special assessment district covers approximately .67 square miles in the core of downtown – Volunteer Landing to the Southern Railway tracks north of Jackson in the Old City, and 11th Street west of the Knoxville Art Museum to Hall of Fame Drive. Download a detailed map of the district.