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Working in Downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville isn’t simply a place you work, it’s a tight-knit community filled with inspiration and opportunity.

Video by Loch & Key Productions

The community.

It’s the buzz of a coffee shop filled with people, laptops and ideas. It’s running into familiar faces for spur-of-the-moment sidewalk meetings. It’s making new connections at lunchtime concerts, or during happy hour on a rooftop or patio. It’s walking with your clients to dinner and a show; or an afternoon of inspiration exploring a museum, hitting the lanes, or practicing your swing. It’s businesses collaborating to make our city a more vibrant place and knowing that new opportunities are just steps away.

The convenience.

It’s parking your car for the day and grabbing coffee on your walk to work. It’s joining your coworkers in the corner booth or catching up with a friend over lunch. It’s an afternoon break to enjoy some shopping, stop by the pharmacy or even get in a workout.

The inspiration.

It’s seeing the difference your work is making and continually being inspired by the city’s artists, visionaries and disruptors. It’s the creativity and new ideas that come from being in the heart of the city. And if you’ve got to work, it’s the place you want to be.

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