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Takeout | Healthy Eating in Downtown Knoxville


Want to support local businesses while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Hoping to find the “good” in “good for you?” Here are some of our favorite healthy options in Downtown. And no, they aren't all salads!

Salmon Salad from Balter Beerworks

Juicy, grilled salmon on a bed of heirloom lettuce blend, topped with creamy avocado, crunchy asparagus, peas, herbs, eggs, tomatoes, and agave herb vinaigrette. It's packed full of protein, veg, and flavor!

Balter Beerworks offers curbside carryout at their walk-up window for easy pickup. You can order online plus get delivery within 4 miles of the restaurant via Door Dash.

Païdákia from Kefi

Bringing flavors of the Mediterranean to every dish, Kefi boasts many healthy options high in protein, low in carbs. Enjoy the Païdákia, which is roasted lamb chops and grilled apricots with a cherry demi-glace.

Kefi is offering online ordering for pickup, including a whole menu of their craft cocktails. They also offer delivery with orders of $100 or more. Call them at (865) 474-1492 with any questions.

Meatless Mondays at KoPita

Trying out the no-meat thing in the new year? KoPita will prove you made the right choice. Plenty of authentic Mediterranean vegetarian and vegan options, like the falafel bowl with sweet potatoes, Arabic salad, bourekas, and tahini – sign us up!

Call (865) 249-8823 to place a curbside order, or get delivery through DoorDash.

Protein Plate from The Bistro at the Bijou

A constantly changing menu at the Bistro is dedicated to seasonal farm-to-table options. Check out their Protein Plate that comes with your choice of Chopped Steak, Herbed Chicken, Pork Loin, or Grilled Salmon and sides. You can also opt for the Veggie Plate with a variety of their super fresh sides (like sliced tomatoes!).

Order online or call (865) 544-0537.

Grilled Chicken Plate from Brown Bag

Delicious and nutritious, did you think it was impossible? Brown Bag has cracked the code with their chicken breast, served with their spinach salad and asparagus (or splurge with their jalapeno corn casserole).

Order online for curbside pickup, or delivery within Knox County with a four person minimum order.

Chivo Salad from Chivo Taqueria

When you've had too many tacos, and it's time to turn to salad, the Chivo Salad – yep, at Chivo Taqueria – won't disappoint. Fresh greens tossed with roasted corn, pepitas, creamy goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, and vinaigrette with an option to add grilled shrimp!

Order online or call them at (865) 444-3161 to place your curbside order. You can also view their menu here.

Pan Roasted Sustainable Salmon from Emilia

A wonderfully delicious (and healthy!) option from Emilia is the Salmon with Creamy Cauliflower Puree, Caponata, and Citrus Confitura. Pair that with a Grilled Romaine salad, their twist on Caesar, and be on the look out for fresh fish specials that hit the menu!

Order online or call (865) 313-2472 for curbside.

Salmon Seaweed Salad from Fin-Two

A new dish recently hit Fin-Two's menu, and it's super fresh and filled with nutrients. Order up the Homemade Seaweed Salad with Verlasso Salmon: amazing deep water farmed salmon with a buttery texture, seaweed from the coast preserved in salt, and sesame dill dressing with a drizzle of sesame oil.

Order online for pickup, curbside, and delivery – fresh fish straight to your door!

Elk Loin from Lonesome Dove

Good for date night, weekends, and anytime you want a healthy, gourmet meal, try the Elk Loin from Lonesome Dove. The lean meat is served with swiss chard, hen of the woods mushrooms, salsify, and candied blackberries for an extremely unique takeout meal.

Order takeout from Lonesome Dove by calling (865) 999-5251.

Pre-Made Salads from The Lunchbox

In a pinch for a quick lunch? Look no further than The Lunchbox, where you can get fresh salads from their grab-n-go cooler. They have 6 salad options, including Cobb, Chicken Caesar, Fajita Chicken, Strawberry Spinach, and more. Freshly made, easy to grab, ready to go!

View their menu here, and follow them on Facebook for their weekly specials. Call them at (865) 409-4211 to place your order.

Brussel Sprouts from Oliver Royale

Maybe this one is a stretch, but they are vegetables! The Brussel Sprouts from Oliver Royale are amazing. Served with garam masala spiced peanuts, hemp seed, honeycrisp apple, Benton’s 24-month ham, pickled mustard seeds, Benton’s bacon vinaigrette, and sunflower shoots.

Oliver Royale offers curbside pickup for their Menu Items, as well as To-Go Cocktails. Call (865) 622-6434 to place your curbside order.

Chicken Schwarma from Yassin's Falafel House

A tasty gluten free option at Yassin's is the original or spicy Chicken Shawarma Plate served over rice and paired with baba ganoush and a garlicky white sauce. Request seasoned veggies and no pita if going low carb!

Order online or call them at (865) 219-1462 for pick-up, and order delivery through Bite Squad.

Photo Credit: @organicallyjae

Shakshuka from KoPita

One thing is for sure, KoPita serves up fresh, authentic food. Try the newly-opened restaurant's classic middle eastern breakfast, Shakshuka, consisting of poached eggs on top of a tomato and pepper sauce. It's a satisfying meal for any time of the day.

Call (865) 474-1335 to place your takeout order from their menu, or order delivery through DoorDash.

Seared Ahi Tuna from Chesapeake's

Tap into your adventurous side with this clean eating option from Chesapeake's! The Seared Ahi Tuna Salad is served blackened rare over Asian slaw with a kick of wasabi peas, oriental noodles, and soy ginger sauce. It'll take you on a flavor adventure!

Call (865) 673-3433 to place your curbside order, or order delivery through Grubhub.

Black Bean & Corn Salad from Stock & Barrel

Top one of Stock & Barrel's four fresh salads with a protein patty (we see you salmon burger) for a nutritious and delicious takeout meal. The Black Bean & Corn Salad comes with goat cheese, black bean & corn salsa, avocado, red onion, and vinaigrette.

Stock & Barrel offers takeout with online ordering, or you can place your order by calling them at (865) 766-2075.

Chipotle Barbecue Salmon Sashimi from Nama

The Chipotle Barbecue Salmon Sashimi from Nama is our weekend go-to! Fresh salmon topped with a tasty chipotle barbecue sauce is a flavorful kick to any healthy diet. If raw salmon isn't your thing, try the Hot Nama Kabayaki Salmon with sautéed broccoli, red pepper, topped with sweet chili glazed salmon.

Order online for takeout or order delivery through Bite Squad.

This is the tip of the iceberg!

No matter what you're looking for, we've got more Takeout Ideas! Enjoy Date Night, Lunch Break, Comfort Food, Family Feasts, and Girls' Night In...and thanks for supporting local.