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Give Your Hometown a Hug

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Now more than ever, we could all use a little love in our life—giving it or receiving it. So share what you love most about the people, places, and things of Knoxville. Write a love letter to your city, to a favorite local business, to the festival you're missing, or to the bartender who knows your name.


Why? For the love of it. We’ll do our best to deliver your sweet messages to the right places and people, we'll share your words of affection on social media, and we'll all have a little more love in our hearts as a result. 


Download this Love-Themed Coloring Page to get started, create your own special Valentine design, or just write a quick note.


♥️ Drop your letters in the I LOVE KNOX mailbox on Market Square from February 1 to February 14. You can't miss it. It's the big red candy-covered mailbox, hand-painted by Paris Woodhull, by the bell on Union Avenue.


♥️ And if you can’t make it to Market Square? Not to worry—that’s what the Internet is for. Just drop your love message electronically and share your love from wherever you happen to be.


If we think your letter is one of the best, we’ll enter you in a drawing for one of our exciting giveaways.


Give some love. It’s good for the heart.