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Lone Tree Pass

Property Development

Gay Street has undergone quite a transformation in the past 10 years. From the south end, near the river, to the 100 block, which now also serves as a portal to the Old City, downtown Knoxville’s “main street” has experienced a boom in development that has included restaurants, night spots, retail and commercial space, and residential properties. 


One small section of this storied thoroughfare, however, has gone largely underutilized in all these revitalization efforts. Until now. The 200 block of Gay Street is finally having its own moment in the sun, not only promising even more shopping, dining and residential options but also serving as a vital point of connection between the 100 block and the multiblock stretch running from Summit Hill Dr. south to the river. 


Lone Tree Pass is a new mixed-use development that looks to honor downtown Knoxville’s rich history while also anticipating the needs of the city’s future. The name references a tree that grew on the site more than 100 years ago, one that was cared for by enslaved man turned wealthy entrepreneur Cal Johnson.



Coming to fruition with the efforts of Knoxville development firm Hatcher-Hill Investment Group CC, Lone Tree Pass began with groundbreaking in early 2023. Occupancy of its residential and commercial spaces is expected to take place by the fall of 2025. Commercial pre-leasing is already under way.


According to Tim Hill of Hatcher-Hill Investment Group, the project was first envisioned by Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation, which specifically had an eye on drawing foot traffic northward from the Gay Street blocks south of Summit Hill Dr. 


“It’s a five-lane divide,” Hill says, referring to that street. “People get to Visit Knoxville and look across Summit Hill, and there’s nothing that lures them across the road. So they head back to Gay Street or to Market Square.



Hatcher-Hill’s concept for overcoming that obstacle was a development that would create curiosity. The result is a pedestrian thoroughfare that Hill likens to Market Square though on a smaller scale. Lone Tree Pass comprises two separate buildings, with foot traffic passing between them as well as on the street side of the building facing Gay.


That particular structure offers 7,300 square feet of commercial space for restaurants, retailers and offices. An expansive 700-square-foot patio at the corner of Summit Hill and Gay Street serves as a beautiful outdoor seating area that is expected to be the focal point of the development.



The other building will house condominiums that will go on sale in spring 2025. Nearly 60 units will be available, ranging in size from studio residences to spacious homes topping out at more than 2,300 square feet. Construction will include expansive windows, private walkout or Juliet balconies, quartz countertops and clean, modern designs and finishes. 



Hill says that apart from helping bridge two vital sections of downtown, there’s still plenty of demand for such a development in Knoxville. 


“There’s virtually no vacancy in commercial and residential properties downtown,” he points out. “There are a lot of apartments coming online but few condominiums available for ownership. That’s why we went in that direction.”


When completed, Lone Tree Pass will represent an investment of more than $30 million



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