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Get The UT System's Inside Pass

Sign up for The Inside Pass, a mobile passport that will introduce you to 90+ downtown businesses just steps away from your office at UT Tower—with insider tips on what not to miss at each. 

Find your new workday favorites.

 Coffee shops and breakfast spots to get your day started.

 Patios, cafés, and restaurants for mid-day breaks.

 Local lunch favorites with counter service and grab-and-go.

 Sweet little shops for afternoon treats and pick-me-ups.

 Unique boutiques and galleries for gifts and local shopping.

 Convenient services to take care of day-to-day errands.

Check in at each location with the mobile passport, and you’ll quickly become an expert on all Downtown Knoxville has to offer. Plus, UT System has rounded up some fantastic giveaways to keep it interesting!

Get out. Check in. Win prizes. Be an Insider!


How the Pass Works




Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses are a part of Inside Pass?

There are 90+ businesses included — all within walking distance of UT Tower. You’ll find your favorite coffee and lunch spots. Plus be introduced to a wide range of businesses for shopping and personal services. Once you sign up, the pass includes a list of all the participating businesses in a format that’s quick to scan and easy to sort. Here's a sneak peek.

How do I check in at a business featured on the pass?

It’s simple! Open the Inside Pass on your phone, select your destination and enter the unique four-digit code for that business. You'll find the four-digit code displayed on a decal at the door or at the register. You can enter the code yourself and do not need to hand your phone to the attendant or server.

When can I check in at a business?

Whenever you like! The Inside Pass includes businesses that add to the fun and convenience of your downtown work day. But you can check in during any time of the day or night, and on weekends, too!

How can I add the Inside Pass to my home screen?

Once you sign up for the Inside Pass, you’ll receive a text message (if you include a mobile number) and an email with instructions on adding the pass to your phone. Follow the link and tap the Share icon (it’s a small square with arrow at the bottom of your screen) and then select Add to Home Screen. It’s a quick and simple process with instructions provided.

Can I check in at a business more than once?

Yes. We want you to find and frequent your go-to spots, so you can check in at your favorite businesses every two weeks. The pass will let you know if a check-in is available.

Do I need to spend a certain amount of money at each location?

No. We hope you’ll support these Downtown Knoxville businesses, but purchases are not required.

How do I get my voucher for a free Ham’n Goodys cookie?

Vouchers will be distributed to employees who sign up for the pass by UT System Communications and Marketing. Questions can be directed to Kellyn Reisser at [email protected].