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Color Your Heart Out!

Just for Fun

Special for Valentine’s, we’ve commissioned a set of coloring pages from local artist Paris Woodhull to give you an outlet for your creativity and an excuse to break out your crayons and colored pencils.


Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, keep Knoxville close in your thoughts and express all your loving feelings in living color. And don’t miss the Love-Themed Coloring Page, which is perfect for all notes of affection, including any heartfelt sentiments you want to express for Knoxville and the folks around who make your life brighter! We'll be featuring coloring pages on the website, so upload your's here.

Romantic Stroll in Krutch Park

Krutch Park is magical this time of year, with sparkling trees leading you along pathways and waterways. The iconic Open Heart Sculpture will be illuminated 24/7...and is the perfect "I Love You" for photos with friends and family.

Candy Crush on Knoxville

Are you Knox's #1 fan? This coloring page is so fun! Fill out the conversation hearts with some of the things that you love about our city, about someone special, or about anything else you're sweet on! Then color them all to your heart's desire. Just don't eat them! 😉

Write Your Message in Lights

Did you know you can put your message in lighs on the Tennessee Theatre's marquee? You can also show your creativity by coloring this page with a message for someone special.

Create a Downtown Knoxville Mural

Strong Alley is home to creative murals by local and regional artists throughout the year, including the seasonal Downtown Knoxville mural on the southern end of the alley near Coffee & Chocolate. For Valentine's, the mural Love Nightscape boasts red-and-pink hearts and twinkling lights. Find your inner artist and create your own mural in this favorite little hidden space of public art.

Write a Love Letter

The love letter template is perfect for all notes of affection, including any heartfelt sentiments you want to express toward the Knoxville folks who make your life brighter! Write a sweet note and drop it in the special I LOVE KNOX mailbox on Market Square from February 1 through February 14.