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Be a Farmers’ Market Superfan

Do you remember the very first Saturday the Farmers’ Market opened on Market Square? (If you were one of the true believers when it was just ten booths and a dream, we salute you.) Or did you ever meet a lifelong friend while browsing the produce stands? Or experience something here that changed your point of view? Or do you just love the Farmers’ Market for no good reason and can’t go another single minute without telling the world?

We want to hear all about it.

Download one of these Fan Mail Coloring Pages to get started, create your own special Farmers’ Market design, or just write a quick note.

🍑 Drop your letters, poems, drawings, thank yous—whatever token of affection suits you best—in the Farmers' Market Fan Mail mailbox on Market Square from May 1 to May 31. You can't miss it. It's the cute fruit and veggie covered mailbox close to the center of Market Square, hand-painted by Paris Woodhull.

🥦 And if you can’t make it to Market Square? Not to worry—that’s what the Internet is for. Just drop your mail electronically and share your fan flashbacks from wherever you happen to be.

No matter what memories you’ve made on Market Square or how obsessive a shopper you are, we want to hear every last detail. Be honest, be creative, or be both—whether it’s fan mail or fan fiction, we’re not picky. Just put on your superfan hat and wow us.

We'll do our best to get your notes to the right places and people. And if you make us giggle, or shamelessly pluck our heartstrings, or tell us something we never knew before, you might just become a social media star. Or win some cool stuff.

Be sure and include you contact info on any messages your drop in the box or electronically for chances to win prizes.