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Cross Paths With Some Wicked Cool Cats

Join us for a Cool Cat scavenger hunt and enjoy some family-friendly fun in Downtown Knoxville! Our nine clever felines are hiding in windows throughout the district—when you find one, you’ll know you’re someplace wicked cool.

Win some Wicked Cool prizes.

Once you find a Wicked Cool Cat, scan the QR code in the window and register to win prizes (the more Cool Cats you find, the more chances to register and win). We’ll be giving away over $500 in gift cards to some of your favorite downtown businesses with winners announced on social media the week of November 1.

In storefront windows through October 31.

The clues you’ll need to get rolling are below. Take a sunny afternoon (or a ghostly good evening) and enjoy some of the fun that downtown has to offer. Want a downloadable clue sheet? Click here for clues and tips.

Wicked Cool Cat #1

Cool Cat in the window and stars on the wall
Pop in and have breakfast to celebrate fall!

xThis legendary downtown diner has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1986. Come on in, grab a booth, or cozy up to the counter!

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Pete's Restaurant — 540 Union Avenue.

Wicked Cool Cat #2

Our kitty is striking a deep yoga pose
At this family-run shirt shop that everyone knows.

xThis shop on Union Avenue made its name selling ultra-soft T-shirts—and now offers a range of items featuring local designs and themed merch.

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Nothing Too Fancy — 435 Union Avenue.

Wicked Cool Cat #3

Our Wicked Cool Cat peeks around the front door
Where you go to find clothing and chic home décor.

xThis recent addition to Market Square stocks women’s clothing plus carefully curated jewelry, baby clothes, gifts, pillows, kitchen items, and more.

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Fruit Jar Alley — 23 Market Square.

Wicked Cool Cat #4

You might say this kitty’s “majestic” or “stately”
Have you seen a good blockbuster movie here lately?

xAt this Gay Street hotspot, take your pick of eight screens, seven days a week. And don’t forget the popcorn!

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Regal Riviera — 510 S Gay Street.

Wicked Cool Cat #5

Cool Cat is looking impossibly chic—
Completely at home in this award-winning boutique.

xThis fan favorite has been a downtown mainstay since 2003—the Gay Street store is recognized for its eclectic selection of women’s apparel, shoes, jewelry, and gift items.

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Bliss & Tori Mason Shoes — 445 S Gay Street.

Wicked Cool Cat #6

Kitty would love a wee taste of your sundae
‘Cause sharing some ice cream makes every day “fun day”!

xThis nostalgic drugstore and ice cream parlor harkens back to the last century with a classic soda fountain and antique memorabilia.

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Phoenix Pharmacy & Fountain — 418 S Gay Street.

Wicked Cool Cat #7

Wicked Cool Cat picks this spot to unwind—
Relaxing his muscles and clearing his mind.

xOn this block of Gay Street, you can get a massage, rock some wicked nail art, and find a hairstyle that sets you apart—without even crossing the street!

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Meadowsweet Massage — 117 S Gay Street.

Wicked Cool Cat #8

Cool Cat is lounging, enjoying the fame
With a side of smoked cocktails and yummy wild game.

xCelebrity Chef Tim Love serves up an impressive array of innovative eats and drinks at this Old City fine dining establishment.

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Lonesome Dove — 100 N Central Street.

Wicked Cool Cat #9

Steamed buns and noodles are purr-fect, no doubt—
That’s why naughty kitty is stealing takeout.

xJapanese, Szechuan, and Thai cuisines fuse at this Old City pub where sizzling small plates are often shared among friends.

xYou'll find this Wicked Cool Cat at Kaizen — 127 S Central Street.



Thanks to Graphic Creations for the wicked cool printing. And to nine downtown property owners for hosting our cool cats!