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The Elf on the Shelf® Adventure

November 25 thru January 8

Santa is sending Scout Elves to Downtown Knoxville for a magical scavenger hunt! And Saint Nick has granted these special elves permission to remain in Knoxville from Friday, November 25 to Sunday, January 8.

You can pick up a North Pole Pass at Mast General Store or Visit Knoxville to guide you through the adventure. The first 5,000 participants will receive a holiday stamp to self-stamp their passes. Or you can download a North Pole Pass here (available at later date).

Share your scavenger hunt photos to win weekly gift card drawings (account must be public to view). Happy holiday hunting!

Share photos with #ElvesinKnox or upload here!

Where Scout Elves Landed in 2021! 2022 Coming Soon. 

Mast General Store - Host & Santa-Approved Scout Elf Adoption Center

Pick up your North Pole Pass here! Scout Elf Cooper has landed at Mast General Store, the Santa-Approved Scout Elf Adoption Center! You'll find this sneaky elf in the windowfront, along with store items like jackets, boots, and outdoor gear.

402 S Gay St (865) 546-1336 More Details >
Awaken Coffee

Peppamint Cocobee is keeping watch over all the delicious coffee and tea at Awaken Coffee. Look for her in a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows!

125 W Jackson Ave (865) 951-0427 More Details >
Bliss & Tori Mason Shoes

Scout Elf Lisa landed in the decorated storefront of Bliss & Tori Mason Shoes. You might even find her in a shoe!

445 S Gay St (865) 329-8868 More Details >

If you're looking for premium pet provisions in CitiFid-O's storefront, you might just spot Scout Elf Lucky romping among the window of toys!!

429 Union Ave (865) 219-5127 More Details >
Cruze Farm Ice Cream

Both Twinkle and Sprinkles are keeping the sweets swirling at Cruze Farm Ice Cream! Find the two best friend elves in the storefront.

445 S Gay St (865) 333-1265 More Details >
Dogwood Arts

You can find a sweet, and maybe a little spicy, Scout Elf named Cinnamon in the festive windowfront of Dogwood Arts!

123 W Jackson Ave (865) 637-4561 More Details >
Earth to Old City

Cocoa landed in Market Square's "scruffy little gift shop." The Scout Elf will be looking over all the unique gift items at Earth to Old City, maybe even hiding in some of his favorite ones! 

22 Market Square (865) 522-8270 More Details >
Eddie's Health Shoppe

Twinkle Toes can be found eating healthy snacks and causing mischief at Eddie's Health Shoppe. He's usually hanging out in the window by the Christmas tree with the holiday gifts, like essential oils, tote bags, and locally made dark chocolate!

455 Union Ave (865) 633-6533 More Details >
Fruit Jar Alley

Shine has been sent to Fruit Jar Alley to look over all of their beautiful holiday decor. At night, this little Scout Elf loves to cause mischief among the Christmas trees, jewelry, and beautiful gifts. You'll find her in the festive windows, as she watches ice skaters on Market Square.

23 Market Square More Details >
Ham'n Goodys

If Santa's workshop is good for one thing (other than making presents), it's making cookies! So, Scout Elf Cookie will be hanging out at Ham'n Goodys overseeing all the baked, delicious treats!

507 S Gay St (865) 839-2215 More Details >

Dolly was sent to help Honeymouth spread kindness and empower ladies with leather purses that say "Be Kind," "Girls Rule," and "Fierce." You'll find Dolly in the window among the purses, earrings, scarves, and other accessories, so look closely!

125 S Central St (865) 240-3956 More Details >
Jacks of Knoxville

Santa sent Scout Elf Bernard to look over Jacks of Knoxville's high-quality handmade goods. You'll find him sneaking near the storefront, possibly hidden in a wreath, candle, or pillow!

133 S Gay St (865) 394-6352 More Details >

The Head Elf of the North Pole's sweet shop is now making his way through Kilwins! Caramel the Scout Elf oversees the making of chocolates, fudge, caramel apples, and ice cream.

408 S Gay St (865) 219-1233 More Details >
Knoxville Soap Candles & Gifts

A sweet, outgoing Elf named Giggles is running around Knoxville Soap Candle & Gifts looking for somewhere to hide among the gorgeous Christmas decor! You can spot her in the windows, probably doing something that will make you GIGGLE!

714 S Gay St (865) 689-6545 More Details >
Knoxville Trolley - Green Line

Timmy the Trolley Elf is hiding on the FREE trolley to get all around downtown. The green line runs between Gay St and the Old City with stops about every 10 minutes. All aboard!

301 E Church Ave (865) 637-3000 More Details >
Knoxville Visitors Center

Volly Knox is the Scout Elf you'll find in the windows of the Knoxville Visitors Center. She is ready to help you discover all the fun places you can go in downtown and all around Knoxville! You can also pick up a North Pole Pass here.

301 S Gay St (865) 523-7263 More Details >
Lawson McGhee Library

Santa sent Chief Elf Librarian, Dewey, to the Lawson McGhee Library. Look closely, you can spot him reading in the window sills!

500 W Church Ave (865) 215-8750 More Details >
Matt Robbs Biscuits

You know elves eat a whole lot of biscuits at the North Pole, right?! So Santa sent Head Biscuit Maker, appropriately named Biscuit, to hang out with the cool barista and local biscuit maker at Matt Robbs Biscuits. Spot her in the window with floury hands!

800 Market St (865) 804-0278 More Details >
Museum of East Tennessee History

Santa sent Scout Elf Davy to watch over the Museum of East Tennessee History. You might even spot him wearing a little coonskin cap!

601 S Gay St (865) 215-8830 More Details >
Nothing Too Fancy

It makes perfect sense why Santa sent Fancy to Nothing Too Fancy. They share a name after all! You can find Fancy wearing a cute little Knoxville t-shirt, as she hangs out in the storefront watching people pass by.

435 Union Ave (865) 951-2916 More Details >
Petro's Chili & Chips

It'll be a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas without a trip to Petro's Chili & Chips. Follow the Holiday tunes of Elfvis to the corner of Market Square, where you'll find an Elf that's all shook up, uh-huh!

2 Market Square (865) 444-3970 More Details >
Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

You may see Rupert Wonderworth scooping ice cream for guests, but more likely he'll be head first in the ice cream himself! The Phoenix Pharmacy will have creative holiday flavors thanks to the ideas Rupert brought from the North Pole.

418 S Gay St (865) 692-1603 More Details >
Pretentious Glass Co

Scout Elf Mr. Dusty-Bottom can be found hard at work at Pretentious Glass Co's working glass studio. He's used to it, because it's kinda like Santa's Workshop!

133 S Central St (865) 249-8677 More Details >
Proper Popcorn

Santa sent the best popcorn-making elf he knows, Poppy! Poppy will help Proper Popcorn make festive mixes and yummy reindeer munch, and you might catch her nibbling on popcorn. Shhh ... don't tell!

29 Market Square (865) 381-2929 More Details >

Santa sent Scout Elf Ralene to Rala to look after all the gifts made with love. And of course, the Dolly items, since Ralene's name is inspired after one of Dolly's very own songs!

112 W Jackson Ave (865) 525-7888 More Details >
Rick Terry Jewelry Designs

Ruby is the Scout Elf at Rick Terry Jewelry. She oversees the beautiful jewelry made here. Watch out for her in the windows. She just might be wearing some bling herself!

618 S Gay St (865) 525-3793 More Details >
Rocket Fizz

Santa has sent his master Lollipop maker, Whirly to Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop. Overseeing all of the sweets from Cotton Candy to Taffy to Whirly Pops (their namesake)...the resident candymaker will make sure all of your Candy Dreams come true for the holiday season. If you find Whirly eating the inventory...please ask for the Manager ASAP!

7 Market Square (865) 999-5940 More Details >
Status Dough Doughnuts & Coffee

The lovely Scout Elf Graham has landed at Status Dough. He might have the best job of all – being mischievous sneaking a doughnut or two!

418 S Gay St (865) 888-0997 More Details >
Tall Man Toys & Comics

Buddy the Elf has a very important job at Tall Man Toys & Comics, being that it's the largest Funko Pop! store in the Southeast. He'll lend a hand in the toy-making. You will also spot a cardboard cutout of Buddy the Elf from the movie!

1060 World's Fair Park Dr (865) 219-1064 More Details >
Tennessee Theatre

TENNsel oversees the Official State Theatre of Tennessee! When she's not making magic decorating the theater, she can be found in the window, watching everyone walk by!

604 S Gay St (865) 684-1200 More Details >
Tree & Vine

Santa sent the perfect Elf for the job, Olive! Olive was in charge of the gourmet foods at the North Pole, so she has a lot of experience with the delicious foods and condiments like what they have at Tree & Vine. You might find her sampling some in the window!

439 Union Ave (865) 985-0524 More Details >
Union Ave Books

Self-described bookworm and Head Librarian at the North Pole, Atticus, has graciously been sent to Union Ave Books! He looks forward to greeting all who walk by the neighborhood bookstore.

517 Union Ave (865) 951-2180 More Details >