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5 Reasons Takeout is Better Than Eating Out

Food & Drink

Since COVID-19, we’ve all learned a new way to “eat out” when we can’t actually eat out...and that’s takeout. Takeout has been an underdog that’s now getting the spotlight it deserves. Here are 5 reasons why takeout is better.

1. Refresh Your Relationship

When you have a busy week, but don’t want date night to be forgotten, treat yourself to a takeout meal from one of downtown’s gourmet restaurants. No need to make reservations, just a call in to order, and light candles at the dinner table. We suggest homemade pasta from Emilia, grilled steaks from JC Holdway and Ruth's Chris, or fresh seafood from Chesapeake’s.


2. Entertain the Kids

A backyard picnic is a sure way to make memories. Instead of worrying about getting enough food for your picky eaters, treat them to takeout. We suggest Brown Bag’s healthy and classic catering pans of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and spinach salad. Or, plates of kid-friendly tacos from CJ’s Tacos. For dessert, Cruze Farm offers to-go pints of their ice cream. The parents will love this idea as much as the kids!


3. It's So Easy

Many downtown markets and cafes offer grab-n-go items that downtown workers and visitors can easily walk to. We recommend The Lunchbox, The Market, and Cafe Vicolo for homemade pimento cheeses, chicken salad, sandwiches, and other specials. A few easy breakfast options are Matt Robb’s, Duncan Cafe, and Pete’s.


4. Make Weeknights Special

After a long day at work, whether in office or at home, you might be tired and just want to relax. That’s where takeout comes in to save the day. You can order your favorites, whether that’s sushi from Fin-Two, Nama, or Anaba, Japanese fair from Kaizen, or tacos from Soccer Taco. And don’t forget the wine, growlers, and cocktails! Kefi, Balter, Chivo, Pour Taproom, and Corks Wine are great options.


5. Eat Brunch in your PJs

You made it to the weekend, and you wake up to a lazy morning. Good news is that you can order your brunch to be delivered without getting out of bed. We suggest half-gallons of iced coffee and biscuit sliders from Ruby Sunshine, or Olibea’s breakfast burritos and tacos.


Don’t get us wrong, we all love and support eating out. But when eating out isn’t feasible, takeout can make our day go from average to memory-making.